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I have been helping clients create wealth since 1987.

My dream is to create a platform that will allow me to educate my clients on the importance of  Financial Literacy.  Our goal is to help individuals build generational wealth that will sustain families for years to come…


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0-$100K – 10 steps to make your first $100k in REI

Starting with $0.00? No problem. 

The old saying “you need to have money to make money” doesn’t always apply in real estate investing. Savvy investors have turned nothing more than grit, determination, and strategy into 100k, and so can you.

Fortunately, the strategy you need to be successful as an investor in real estate can be found in this article. We are going to cover 10 simple steps you need to take to make your first 100k in real estate.

REI Predictions for 2021

2020 was a year full of surprises—both good and bad. Here’s the good news: real estate experts are saying that 2021 will be more predictable than last year, and their forecasts are uplifting.

We put together a survey of what’s on the horizon for 2021, featuring the state of the housing market and the best real estate investment strategies to use.


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